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Change Management vs. Project Management?

Although each field of expertise serves its own purpose, they are invariably linked. But what are the key differences and why should businesses acknowledge both CM and PM when it comes to planning for change?

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Insights from SQLBits 2017

By Consultant Jake Smillie
Keeping up to date with the latest knowledge, learning alternatives and innovative solutions to business problems should be high on the list of priorities for anyone working in the tech industry. “We’ve always done it this way” should not be in the vocabulary of a good technologist!

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Altius Channel Islands: Our Next Transformation

One of the best things about being with a company for a long time is getting to see how it evolves. Seeing how it adapts to changing circumstances and market conditions. Seeing what works, what doesn’t and trying things out - observing and, most importantly, learning from new ideas, inputs and feedback. As a technical services company, we’re fortunate that there are always new ideas and thinking to keep abreast of in our rapidly changing industry. Making sense of these ideas and how we can use them to help our clients innovate is the challenge – and one of the most enjoyable parts of what we do.

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