Altius Channel Islands: Our Next Transformation

One of the best things about being with a company for a long time is getting to see how it evolves and adapts to changing circumstances and market conditions. Seeing what works, what doesn’t and trying things out – observing and, most importantly, learning from new ideas, inputs and feedback. As a technical services company, we’re fortunate that there are always new ideas and thinking to keep abreast of in our rapidly changing industry. Making sense of these ideas and how we can use them to help our clients innovate is the challenge – and one of the most enjoyable parts of what we do.

Over the last few years, the largest change has been the maturing of cloud computing technologies to become a true utility function, alongside the introduction of Machine Learning to make predictions. No longer do you need to build data centres or invest heavily in vast banks of servers, disk arrays or storage area networks to access powerful technology for your business. Data is now continuously generated by billions of devices, and the cloud provides your organisation with the capability to collect, store, process and gain insights from whatever volumes and types of data you want – and you only pay for what you use. That’s incredible, because there’s little, if no, capital outlay.

Coupled with the ability to store and process so much data, we’ve also needed to find new ways to interact, visualise and make sense of it. We also needed to find new ways to share and access data, as we now expect to be able to access our company data on the move; to be able to leave the office and pick up where we left off on a completely different device in a different location with seamless security in place.

These developments have led to innovation. Business Intelligence as a specialism has moved to a point well beyond just telling people they can know more about their customers or understand performance better. Of course, you can still report on what’s been happening, but Business Intelligence, done right, goes beyond reporting to driving innovation. Business Intelligence gives you the capability to use data to think differently about what you do and what you offer your customers. We can now collect virtually anything and use Data Science and Machine Learning techniques to model opportunities and predict scenarios – all potentially in near real-time. And, thanks to the cloud, the opportunity to use data in this way is now within the reach of organisations of all sizes.

Technological innovation should also lead to business change – either in what you do or how you do it. Like everything that has the potential to significantly impact your business, change needs to be managed and controlled, so Altius Channel Islands is evolving once again to introduce a new Business Change capability.

We’ve long worked with organisations to help them innovate, understand, model and predict performance, but now we can help you embed these changes into your organisation as well.

There will be lots more communication about this over the coming months, but as a services company we’re excited about this new offering as we feel it completes the picture of what we do.

We’ll continue to provide the services to:

  • help you build strategies to innovate and gain value from data;
  • design and build exciting platforms to help you collect manage and share data;
  • provide expertise in analytics, data visualisation and help you predict performance; and
  • provide managed services to keep it all up and running.

We’ll do all this now, using our ability to help you embed the inevitable changes into your organisation so you can truly take advantage.

To transform your business, we must always be open to transforming our own. We’re really looking forward to seeing what, collectively, we can achieve with this new offering.

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