Altius Launches New Business Change Offering

Altius (CI) has expanded its services to include a comprehensive Business Change offering for its clients following its incorporation into the C5 Group earlier this year.

The new Business Change offering will allow Altius (CI) to deliver a fully inclusive Business Transformation service for clients. The new Business Change service naturally extends from using data to identify opportunities for innovation and improved performance, ensuring change is successfully implemented and embedded within a client’s day-to-day business operations.

Alongside the new, expanded Business Change offering, Altius (CI) will continue to provide its range of other data-based technical and strategic services.

John Gamble, Director at Altius (CI), commented:

“While Altius’ core services remain essentially unchanged for clients, we are now able to take them further; ensuring systems are properly embedded in BAU processing. The recent acquisition of the company means we can now combine our resources and the expertise and experience of our Consultants to deliver a much more streamlined service and exceptional solutions for clients.”

 Ashley Hillier, Director at Altius (CI), commented:

“As businesses are facing a rapid increase in the amount of data they generate, they’re also beginning to realise the potential to learn from this data in order to improve. Our new Business Change offering builds on our existing data services, meaning that as well as providing deeper insights into data, we can also use this data to help action tangible change for the business, which can have a significant effect on success and profit. I’m looking forward to having a positive impact in the Channel Islands by helping business to harness the power of their data.”

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